Monday, November 29, 2010

Blogging Brainstorm

just a bunch of random stuff ive been mulling the last few days:
I'm worried hail's blog 'clean on the get but still nasty' is stealing a ton of market share from me. My herfendahl is sucking wind like you wouldnt believe. So ive come up with a response blog that has an equally sick/cryptic title. It's a healthy-eating blog called 'Low in sat fat but still tasty.' You cant get complacent in this temporary-blogging game.

I've been following the situation between north korea and south korea. Why does china still support Kim Jong we-the-illest? The man wears platform shoes to be four feet tall, he's an angry little man kenny! The plus side to this standoff is that the USA sends a sick aircraft carrier to the Yellow Sea and then publicy announces that were doing it just to tell them not to fuck with us. I fucking love 'deterrence.' And those navy pilots are just the balls. Flying over peoples houses, buzzing towers and definitely blasting tunes in the cockpit. There must be an unwritten rule in the navy/air force that pilots are allowed to blast Danger Zone in the cockpit whenever they want, or any patently american song in general for that matter. To a terrorist, the only thing scarier than a F-16 about to blow them up is an F-16 about to blow them up while blasting Skynyrd.  USA

Snorkeling on the reef today was absolutely awesome and ill have more to say about it later, but i noticed one thing that made me laugh while i was out there. There was this one couple who was snorkeling while holding hands the entire day - at all three sites. Literally they did not stop holding hands the whole time. Even Rose from the Titanic let go after a few seconds, and that was life or death. I mean i would do anything for love, but i wont do that. The reef is a place for freedom and exploration, not underwater displays of affection. These two were unstoppable. What was this woman so worried about? Some slutty parrot fish stealing her man while shes defogging her goggles? get a grip aussies.

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